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Continuing Education Classes

Breastfeeding Skills for the Birth Professional

The breastfeeding relationship between mother and baby is one of the most important relationships of a lifetime. In this workshop, you will learn techniques and skills to better support mothers and babies during this precious time of their life. Attendance at this class satisfies the certification requirement with DONA International for birth and postpartum doulas. CEU’s are also available.

Infant Trauma: It’s Impact on Breastfeeding

Webinar Tuition $65 or $55 with early bird discount

This engaging presentation by Dr. Hazelbaker presents the vectors for the trauma that disrupt the normal feeding sequence of the breastfed baby. She further describes the behavioral effects of these vectors and the manner in which they present during breastfeeding. Multiple algorithms illustrating trauma and breastfeeding will be provided.

Holding Space for Pregnancy Loss Training

“Silent, unprocessed grief from previous pregnancy loss can deeply impact the trajectory of a mother’s future pregnancy and childbirth experiences,” writes Amy Wright Glenn in Miscarriage Matters for the PhillyVoice. It’s true. Yet, how can care providers best hold space for this grief? What practical skill sets exist to guide those called to serve women and families devastated by pregnancy loss?

Preventing Burnout ~ An Experiential Workshop for Birthworkers

Studies show that the average Birthworker experiences burnout after only 2 years of practicing. Even when we love our work and have a deep passion for it, over-giving and physical exhaustion eventually take its toll on our physical, mental and emotional well-being.

This interactive workshop is designed to help avoid burnout by learning the early warning signs and developing preventive, sustainable self-care practices.

Comfort Measures for Birth Professionals

This workshop is for birth professionals who want to improve their skills and knowledge to support client’s physical and emotional well-being during labor.

We focus on hands-on and emotional techniques to facilitate a calm environment that supports normal, physiologic labor and birth. This class is ideal for new doulas who want to build their comfort measures toolbox and also serves as an excellent refresher course for experienced doulas.

TENS Unit Training for the Birth Professional

Tuition: $65 — 2 ceu’s (pending)

Get ready to add another valuable comfort technique to your doula bag with this in-depth class on utilizing Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) in labor! TENS is a safe, non-pharmaceutical method of pain control and can be very helpful in labor. Learn all about the TENS unit, plus have the opportunity to try a unit on yourself and correctly apply it to someone else. New and experienced birth professionals will gain confidence in supporting their clients with the natural pain relief option offered by the TENS unit.

Taught by Kim Stalians, CBE(ICEA), Birth & Postpartum Doula