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Birth Doula Training – 3-Day Accelerated Virtual Workshop

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Attendance at our 3-Day Accelerated Virtual training will give you all the skills and tools needed to launch your Birth Doula practice in your community– including the confidence!

This live workshop is held virtually over Zoom and provides the same valuable content as our  in-person workshops– from the comfort of your own home! The workshop begins with our Childbirth Education for the Birth Professional class which satisfies your childbirth education requirement for DONA certification. (DONA labels this class Introduction to Childbirth Education or “Intro to Childbirth.”)

SCHEDULE of this course to plan for:

Day Before: Pre-Workshop Virtual Meet-up — 6:30-7:30pm PST.  All class participants and your trainer will meet virtually over Zoom the evening before the training begins to go over what to expect from the training and take time for personal introductions. This is a mandatory meeting, so please plan accordingly.

Day 1: Childbirth Education for the Birth Professional | HELD LIVE VIRTUALLY OVER ZOOM: 10am to 6:30pm. (1-hour break around 1:30pm.) This is a childbirth education class designed specifically for the Birth Professional. Participants will gain thorough knowledge of pregnancy, the labor and birth process, the postpartum period, and deepen and broaden their perspective of birth. Attendance fulfills the childbirth education requirement for DONA International certification. (DONA labels this class as “Introduction to Childbirth” or “Intro to CBE class”)

Days 2 & 3: Birth Doula Training Workshop | HELD LIVE VIRTUALLY OVER ZOOM: 9am to 6:30pm (1-hour break around 1pm) In addition to learning the Art of Childbirth Assisting, this unique, holistic, trauma-informed training workshop provides an exploration of historical and conventional paradigms around childbirth. You’ll learn the special role of Birth Doulas and how we can help women and families return to the ancient wisdom of birthing and parenting. Attendance satisfies the requirement for Birth Doula certification with DONA International.

To prepare for attending this live, virtual workshop:

  • Make sure you have a quiet, undisturbed environment where you’re not preoccupied or distracted by driving, riding in a car, walking, etc. If you have small children, please have a care person to attend to them to avoid distractions.
  • You’ll need to have a reliable Internet connection for the duration of the entire online course. Be sure to keep your video on at all times while the classes are in session so you’re visible on camera. Missing any portion of the live virtual workshop may result in forfeiting your certificate of attendance.

“Doula care is presented as a return to the community-based, woman-centered care that existed prior to the shift from home to hospital births. As such, the training demonstrates how woman-centered support can reclaim a place within medicalized childbirth in Western cultures. Doulas learn about the birth process, medical issues that can arise, ways to support laboring women physically and emotionally, and how to advocate with and for a patient in a hospital environment.” ~ Dr. Christine Morton, author of Birth Ambassadors.

BY ENROLLING IN THIS COURSE OR EVENT YOU AGREE TO OUR TERMS AND CONDITIONS STATED HERE: https://sierrachildbirthinstitute.com//terms-and-conditions/

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Workshop Dates

Jan. 27-29, 2023, April 21-23, 2023, June 9-11, 2023, Aug 11-13, 2023, Nov 3-5, 2023, Jan 26-28, 2024, April 19-21, 2024, June 7-9, 2024, Aug 9-11, 2024