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Birth Doula Training — Virtual 4-Day Course | Thursdays for 4-weeks

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4-week Series – Thursdays
Day one: 10am to 6pm
Days 2-4: 10am to 5pm

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This virtual 4-day course will be held over Zoom for four consecutive Thursdays. This format is perfect for people who learn best when content is offered in shorter segments, or who have other commitments during the week days or weekend. Our weekly classes provide the same valuable content as our 3 and 5 day workshops, but over several weeks. Course work is assigned in-between classes, which frees up time for us to take a much deeper dive into topics during class time– this makes our 4-week training course much more comprehensive. Attendance at this series satisfies both the childbirth education and the birth doula certification requirements with DONA International. This training provides all the knowledge and skills needed to launch your Birth Doula practice in your community– including the confidence!

In addition to learning the Art of Childbirth Assisting, this unique training provides an exploration of historical and conventional paradigms around childbirth. You’ll learn the special role of Birth Doulas and how we can help women and families return to the ancient wisdom of birthing and parenting.

“Doula care is presented as a return to the community-based, woman-centered care that existed prior to the shift from home to hospital births. As such, the training demonstrates how woman-centered support can reclaim a place within medicalized childbirth in Western cultures. Doulas learn about the birth process, medical issues that can arise, ways to support laboring women physically and emotionally, and how to advocate with and for a patient in a hospital environment.” ~ Dr. Christine Morton, author of Birth Ambassadors.

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Tuition: $660 with early-bird discount | $725 without

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July 13, 20, 27 + Aug 3, Sept 28 + Oct 5, 12, 19, Nov 30 + Dec 7, 14, 21