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Childbirth Education Class Series


6-week series (February 9-March 14, 2023) & April 5-26, 2023

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Our childbirth preparation classes focus on normal birth, while also preparing you for the “what-ifs” of labor and birth. Our classes will empower you to make informed choices in your health care and help you to learn to trust your intuition, instincts, and inner wisdom. Classes are held in our comfortable living-room-like classroom at our school and are kept small to create an intimate, personalized experience. Classes will run from 5:30-7:30pm and we will be covering:

  • stages of labor
  • your baby’s prenatal experience and journey through birth
  • your baby’s optimal position for labor and birth
  • comfort measures for coping and progressing your labor
  • the value of the upright position
  • helpful tips for your birth partner
  • advocating for yourself
  • navigating unexpected situations
  • the “Golden Hour” after the birth of your baby

These classes will prepare you for birth in any birthing facility, including home birth. We’ll also be discussing informed consent and patient rights in the hospital setting.

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Workshop Dates

February 9th-March 14th, 2023, April 5th – 26st, 2023


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