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About Sierra Childbirth Institute

Sierra Childbirth Institute was founded in 2003 by longtime birth professional, Janine Maitri. Named after the majestic Sierra mountains, where Janine relocated to from the California Bay Area, SCI is a re-creation of the Peninsula Birth Connection, an education and resource center she founded in Palo Alto, CA in 1994. This center still exists today, currently known as Blossom Birth & Family Services.

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Janine has been a Birthworker since 1982 when she became passionate about helping to change the way birth happens in our country. She started her work as a childbirth educator, birth assistant and birth advocate and has witnessed and participated in the evolution of the doula profession since it’s beginning. Janine has been on a mission to raise awareness about ancient wisdom and the instinctual nature of birth for 40 years.

After being a traveling doula trainer for 20 years, Janine moved to the Sacramento Valley in 2019 to open a brick-and-mortar school in the Arden area. With a skilled team of teachers and caring staff, Sierra Childbirth Institute provides doula training workshops and continuing education to aspiring and established birth professionals worldwide.

Do you have questions about becoming a birth professional? Are you looking for a doula or childbirth educator? Send us a message. We look forward to hearing from you.

Meet Your Instructors

Sierra Childbirth Institute’s instructors all have decades of experience in the topics they teach, including doula support, childbirth education, postpartum care, breastfeeding education and support, and business development. The birth and postpartum doula workshops and many SCI continuing education classes are approved for DONA International doula certification and continuing education credits.

Janine Maitri


Janine Maitri

Janine Maitri (she/her/hers), is a Birth Doula Trainer, Birth Educator, Speaker, Prenatal Counselor, Life Coach and Birth Professional Mentor. She is also the founder, visionary, and CEO of Sierra Childbirth Institute.

Janine brings 40 years of experience to her teaching. She’s witnessed and participated in the evolution of the doula profession since it began, worked with thousands of families during their childbearing years, and she’s assisted at over 1,000 births. Janine has been training people in the Art of Childbirth Assisting since the early 1980s when doulas were known as Childbirth Assistants or Labor Companions. She’s been a DONA-approved birth doula trainer for 25+ years and has trained thousands of new doulas. Janine is passionate about helping doulas excel as respected and valued professionals on the maternity health care team.

With over three decades of experience as a doula and educator, Janine brings a solid skill set to the classes and workshops she teaches, helping to prepare students for successful careers in the childbirth field. When students leave the workshops, they frequently share that they now feel more inspired, confident, and prepared to begin their work as Birth Professionals.

Brooklyn Gonzales


Brooklyn Gonzales
Brooklynn is an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) and Registered Nurse with almost a decade of experience in women’s health. She earned her Bachelor of Science in Nursing at California State University, Long Beach, with a strong focus on pursuing Women’s Health and Lactation.

Her extensive background includes Labor & Delivery and high-risk Antepartum units, as well as Mother-Baby care. With 7 years of experience in high-risk Labor and Delivery units, Brooklynn has honed her skills in managing complex pregnancies and deliveries before transitioning to Mother-Baby units to provide bedside breastfeeding support for new mothers.

As the owner of Milk-Fed Lactation, Brooklynn offers out-patient breastfeeding support. She takes a holistic approach, viewing the mother-baby days as competent and supporting them accordingly. When she’s not helping mothers, Brooklynn enjoys spending time with her three kids and traveling.

Jesse Remer


Janine Maitri

For the past three decades Jesse(She/her) has supported healthy birth outcomes as a Lamaze Childbirth Educator, DONA International Birth and Postpartum Doula Trainer and Founder of Mother Tree International. She has supported thousands of families and doulas in the childbearing year.

As a leader in the field, she was a lead doula on the clinical design team for Providence Health Systems Pregnancy Care Package and became the first staff doula of their integrated healthcare model. She is a founding board member of the Oregon Doula Association (ODA) since 2013, six years as Policy and Advocacy Chair and is the current Education Chair. She has worked for multiple health systems to improve health equity. She is the founding Facebook Power Admin of Doula Talk, a thriving social media group of over 20k members. Jesse is also the Executive Director for the sister doula groups: Gateway Doula Group affiliated Women’s Health Associates and PDX Doulas affiliated with Oregon Health Sciences University (OHSU).

Over the past 15 years she has trained birth professionals internationally from Iceland, Germany, Mexico and Spain and across the United States. She became passionate about the models developing in Trauma Informed Care (trained with TIC Oregon Trainer program) and how they apply directly towards health care equity across diverse populations, specifically people of color.

Jesse has a B.S. in Journalism from the University of Oregon, prior career in education, leadership, marketing, hospitality, team building, business best practices. She grew up in a family of entrepreneurs and thus believes that every part of the process is important to know intimately.