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I understand the following:

  • There are NO REFUNDS for classes or workshops, but enrollment can be transferred one time at no extra charge to another workshop at Sierra Childbirth Institute (SCI) within 12 months of the cancellation date if cancellation is made by the student within 2 weeks of the start of the workshop and with prior approval from SCI. This no refund policy includes if, for any reason, SCI needs to reschedule the workshop to a later date. If SCI cancels the workshop, a full refund will be given.
  • SCI requires a minimum of 6 students in each doula training workshop and many of the CE classes. If the workshop or class I enroll into has less than the minimum requirement, I will be given alternative dates to attend a future workshop or class.
  • I am not able to transfer my spot in a workshop or class to any other person without written approval from SCI.
  • If I request to transfer my attendance to an alternate date, my first transfer will be free of charge IF requested within 2 weeks of the start of my class/workshop. For additional transfers or transfers requested outside of the 2-week period, there will be a 10% transfer fee for each transfer requested.
  • If I request to transfer my attendance to an alternate date, no partial refunds will be given if I transfer to a doula workshop that has a lower fee. Continuing ed class transfers are assessed case-by-case if credit can be given.
  • If I request a transfer, once my enrollment transfer has been made, no refunds will be given if I decide to cancel my spot.
  • If I request to transfer my attendance to an alternate workshop that has a higher tuition than the workshop I enrolled into, I will need to pay the additional tuition fee before the transfer can be made.
  • I will receive an enrollment confirmation email once I have enrolled and paid for the workshop, confirming my secured space in the training.
  • If SCI needs to cancel or postpone a workshop, class, or event, I will be notified and offered alternative dates. SCI will not be responsible for any fees incurred by the student for cancellations on accommodations or any other personal expenses.
  • I will not, under any circumstances, issue or threaten to issue any charge-backs to SCI or to my credit card and/or form of payment (i.e. Stripe, Paypal, etc.) for any reason whatsoever. In the event of a charge-back, SCI reserves its right to report it to the credit bureaus as a delinquent account and not do business with me in the future.

As a participant of this workshop, I agree to allow the teachers and staff at SCI to do the following:

  • Take photographs of the workshop, which may include me, as well as allow the trainer to use these photographs for promotional purposes online and in print.
  • Use quotes from my workshop evaluations (which I may fill out anonymously) for promotional purposes online and in print.

I also understand that:

  • I may not record the whole or any part of the workshop (audio or video). I may take photographs only with the express permission of the trainer and the participants.
  • I may not reproduce, publish, or distribute any materials in the workshop manual unless I leave the copyright printed on each page.
  • I may not reproduce, publish, or distribute any materials from the certification packet, other than for the purpose of fulfilling my certification requirements (i.e., copying the evaluation forms for my clients to fill out).
  • This course is only one step in becoming a DONA Certified Doula. There are several other steps that must be completed after the workshop to be eligible for certification with DONA.
  • I must attend all sessions of the workshop to receive a certificate of attendance. Missing any portion of the workshop will result in forfeiting my certificate of attendance and/or CEUs.
  • Missed classes and portions of missed classes cannot be made-up. If I miss attending part of class, or an entire class, or part of or one of the classes of a workshop series (online or in-person), I will be dropped from the course and will need to attend a new course in its entirety. If this occurs, I will be given the option to attend an online class or an online workshop at SCI at no additional charge, but understand I will need to attend the entire workshop and not just the missed portion. If I get dropped for missing part or all of an in-person class or workshop series, I will not be able to attend another in-person course without paying the full tuition again.
  • A $50 fee will be charged for a reprint of the certificate of attendance and a $15 fee for a digital copy of the certificate.