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Testimonials from SCI Students

Amy W:

This class goes beyond the curriculum, really diving into the heart of the work. Janine is a sage! Her experience deepens this training in a way that goes beyond the book & makes for a valuable one of a kind learning environment. I left feeling empowered as an individual, a mother, friend, partner and doula.

Janine, you are an expert gardener, taking time to till the soil, & plant within us the seeds to create abundant growth in the garden of birthing support. I am grateful for you showing up to do this work. May I carry the torch & share it with my clients and community.

Cataline V:

Janine is a thoughtful and thorough teacher. This training definitely exceeded my expectations and it is because of Janine’s openness, honesty and focus. I am forever grateful. 

Participant at June 2021 Birth Doula workshop

Janine’s instruction was given in a sensitive, beautiful, but very realistic way that showed care and understanding of us, the participants in the workshop, as well as mothers and partners, birth professionals -medical and non medical- and colleagues she has worked with. I feel like the tone of the workshop made me more equipped to bring that kind of understanding to my work as a doula.

Leslie R:

As a mom of 12 birth children, I have been a practicing doula since 2004.
I came to Janine’s classes to get my certification education for DONA.
I found Janine to be both inspiring and articulate as an instructor. It does not matter if you are new to child birth or a seasoned birth worker, her expertise shines through her teaching and you will NOT go away wanting. The information gained from this weekend was invaluable. I am so full from my class! Janine Inspired my passion to get back to the work of supporting women in their journey to motherhood! I look forward to future classes through Sierra Childbirth Institute. Thank you, Janine!

Lux V:

I got so much more out of my DONA training than I expected to! Already planning my next one. Janine is an expert in the field, still passionate after decades, respectful of student time and input and has an amazing energy about her. I can’t recommend Sierra Childbirth Institute highly enough

Participant at June 2021 Birth Doula workshop

This was an outstanding workshop. It provided realistic, inspirational, and up-to-date information. Learning in workshop and having access to research based resources has given me confidence that I can offer mothers and their partners education and tools that can allow them to make the best choices. Workshop content was delivered in a way that encouraged thoughtful, in depth questions and discussion – real workshopping happened here!

Bonnie J:

I am feeling so moved and inspired by the Childbirth and Birth Doula classes I just completed with Janine last weekend. I feel so equipped and also genuinely cared for. Janine not only was a font of wisdom and experience but also facilitated some incredible community time of connection and discussion. She is an attuned teacher and facilitator and the breadth and depth of material she covers is truly impressive. Honestly I felt like the luckiest doula trainee on the planet to sit at her feet and hear her stories! Yet she is totally humble and genuine!  Spending the weekend with these wonderful women was so good for my soul.

Lisa C:

Janine’s wealth of information and kind heart surround you in warmth from the moment you enter this space. Each question and lesson is met with her curious, caring gaze and wrapped in love as she passes on her wisdom. Walking into her classroom was coming home for me. It was a dream realized and embraced by all the beautiful energy of the women that were all on this journey together. I am so thankful for this class, for the opportunity to learn and for the amazing woman that guided our learning. Thank you Janine for sharing your heart with us. I would recommend this program over and over again!!!